Holidays in Cancun: 4 stunning sights where nature meets ancient history!

Viva Mexico! The sunny land of Cancun is a tourist favourite and how couldn’t it be since the friendly weather, friendly prices and rich history embedded in magnificent natural settings, makes it a great place for a memorable getaway! Unfortunately, since holidays do not last forever, we have compiled a mini guide to 4 of the most amazing and distinctive places that you could visit while on holidays in Cancun!

Holidays in Cancun

Coba ruins

Situated a couple of hours away from the city of Cancun, the Coba archeological site is a sight to behold! Home to amazing Mayan ruins and one of the largest pyramids surrounded by jungle, this is a sight that has to be seen in order to be believed! Book a tour or share a taxi with a group and witness the ancient Mayan history for yourself in a stunning natural setting. The Ixmoja pyramid is the highest Mayan pyramid and the only climbable in the province and as such it rewards with some of the best jungle views that you could witness in a lifetime! Definitely worth a day of your holidays in Cancun in order to visit.


Cenotes Dos Ojos

A ‘cenote’ is a natural underground water reserve and what could be a more fitting representation than the massive cave system of Dos Ojos! Its exploration began in 1987 and the extent of the system has yet to be explored fully as its sheer size and complexity have to be seen to be appreciated. If you plan on going for holidays in Cancun and are a fan of snorkeling, diving or exploring in general, this is a great opportunity to witness it for yourself. Dive in and explore what nature has blessed Cancun with, while giving yourself a sight to remember for a long time to come.


Chichen Itza

Definitely a place of great importance to visit during your holidays in Cancun, the Chichen Itza archeological site is home to some of the greatest leftovers of the long extinct Mayan civilization! This place will definitely need a full day to take in all the details it provides as the numerous ruins dotted around the area are worthy of a deeper look. However, the ‘temple of Kukulcan’ or ‘el Castillo’ steals the show as this massive pyramid built by the Mayans is a world wonder in its own right with its imposing size reaching 30 metres up towards the Mexican sky!


Ik Kil Eco-Archeological park

A well-known cenote in which swimming is allowed, Ik Kil is a great way to spend half a day exploring and enjoying the natural wonders of Cancun. Dive in this stunning natural pool which with a depth of 40 metres makes up for a grand experience. It is no coincidence that the Mayans considered Ik Kil as a sacred place as its beauty is second to none. Take a day off the busy peninsula during your holidays in Cancun and take a stroll through the on-site ruins before taking a swim in this marvelous cenote!

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