Cancun Beach List

Cancun has almost 14 miles (22 kilometers) of beach.  Cancun has two types of beaches, the northside beaches which have more tranquil water and the eastside beaches which have more exciting waves.  Generally the further east you go in the Hotel Zone the more turquoise the color of the water is.  Below is a listing […]

Holidays to Cancun: Dive into the magnificent history of the cenotes!

The wonderful Yucatan peninsula is host to many myths and legends which transcend through generations. From its ancient and now extinct civilization of Mayas to its flavourful cuisine, Cancun has lots to show stemming from its colourful past and present. One geographical feature that makes it distinct though is its Cenotes. The cenotes are pits […]

Cancun Watersports

Cancun watersports are one of the main attractions for visitors to Cancun owing to the some of the world’s finest beaches and of course the Great Mesoamerican Reef which is the second largest reef in the world. With more than 14 miles of white powdery sand beach and the spectacular reef, Cancun watersports are an […]

Escape to Cancun for the Perfect Romantic Getaway

Finding the perfect destination for you and your significant other to escape to does not have to be a difficult decision. With its pristine beaches, ancient history and all-inclusive resorts,Cancuni s the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

Tips to Cut the Cost of Your Cancun Vacation

For many people, being able to take a vacation in fabulous Cancun, Mexico, is a vacation dream come true. However, most people will need to think carefully about the cost of such a vacation, particularly in the current financial climate where we all have to be more mindful about what we spend.

Holidays in Cancun: 4 stunning sights where nature meets ancient history!

Viva Mexico! The sunny land of Cancun is a tourist favourite and how couldn’t it be since the friendly weather, friendly prices and rich history embedded in magnificent natural settings, makes it a great place for a memorable getaway! Unfortunately, since holidays do not last forever, we have compiled a mini guide to 4 of […]